Java Jazz Festival

Ivan Nestorman performs at Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Ivan Nestorman performs with Dwiki Dharmawan & Edo Kondologit

Point de Marque, Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Ivan Nestorman promotes Komodo The Real Wonder of the World in Sydney, Australia

Ubud, Bali

Ivan Nestorman poses with Toninho Horta in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

At Victoria Park, Hongkong

Ivan Nestorman entertains Indonesian workers at Victoria Park, Hongkong

My Flores is the cape of flower

Ivan Nestorman

“I have been playing many kinds of music and I found out that world music is the best one for me because I can still play modern music with local contents in it.

This is How I Think About My Music

Sting says in his “Englishman in New York”, Be Yourself no matter what they say!I agree with him 100%.

Mori Sambe

This song is composed by Ivan Nestorman and its being included in the first Nera album. Mori Sambe was previously included in Embong album.

Flores the Cape of Flower

This one is my latest album titled Flores the Cape of Flower.