The Musical Journey of Ivan Nestorman

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Friends, old and new thanks a lot for stopping by here to click my web. I  welcome you all to this simple web-home of mine. What can I tell you about ‘me’? This is just a little history of my musical carrier.

My name is Flavianus Nestor Embun Man. You can call me Ivan, Nestor, Embun, Capt or Ipong. I was born in a beautiful island of Flores. I bet you know Flores as soon as you realize that the giants lizard of Komodo, the three colorful crater lakes of Kelimutu belong to this snake-like island. The Portuguese called our island THE CAPE OF THE FLOWER or Cabo das Flores. About the beauty of this island you can check it out yourself just by searching the keyword Flores in the internet.

Well, let us go further. Let us talk about my music! Continue reading